Whom I like and consider some of my favorites...


His Last Album Cover

A Unique Musician, who disembodied too soon!

Jimmie Spheeris was an eccentric, interesting musician who was an influential person in my appreciation of music when
I was a teenager. On March 1, 2000, I read on the internet that he had been killed in a motorcycle wreck in the 1980's;
although I didn't know until then that he had died, I was truly saddened to realize that he had disappeared from the face of the
earth in such a "permanent" way! You really have to be in the mood for his music. It is often melancholy, but equally ethereal,
"spacey" in general. His lyrics give you the impression that he believed in other realities beyond this one and probably
in multiple lifetimes, "life after death"... He succeeded in describing the seemingly indescribable by "painting"
pictures with his words, creating mental imagery unlike anyone else's. I was able to see him in concert two or three times.
I am glad I was lucky enough to hear him perform in person.

...:::In the seventies, I liked to listen to Jimmie Spheeris, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, David Bowie, Wild Cherry, Bob Seger, Elton John, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Journey, Boston, Supertramp, Queen, Hot Tuna, The Doobie Brothers, Olivia Newton-John, John Denver, Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand, The Carpenters, The Captain and Tenille, BTO, Peter Frampton, Chuck Mangione, Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogelberg, Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, etc. to name a few:::...

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell (Both Sides Now)

Joni Mitchell (Blue)

Joni Mitchell (Hejira)

...:::In the eighties, I still liked most of the aforementioned groups and individuals, but I also found some new favorites, like: The Eurythmics, The Police, U2, Rod Stewart, Cyndi Lauper, Wang Chung, REM, Genesis, Huey Lewis and the News, Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar, The Talking Heads, Heart, Cheap Trick, Billy Joel, Guns and Roses, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, The Eagles-Don Henley, Sting, Bryan Adams, INXS, ZZ Top, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Robert Plant, the "Eddie and the Cruisers" soundtrack, the "Somewhere in Time" soundtrack, and several movie & play soundtracks, etc. It isn't that I like every song that these people or groups did, but I did have some songs I liked, so I mentioned them.::...


from his homepage...

(Stewart Copeland (drums), Sting (lead vocals, bass) and Andy Summers(lead guitar).)


They won Grammys for Best Song and Best Album of the Year in 2006.

U2 (Larry Mullen, Jr.--drums, Adam Clayton --rhythm/bass guitar, The Edge--lead guitar, and Bono--lead vocals.)

(Bono--lead vocals)


Eurythmics (Greatest Hits)

Eurythmics (Touch)

(Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart)

...::In the nineties, I heard some more bands I liked, such as Dire Straits, Creed, Pearl Jam, Sisters of Mercy, The Black Crowes, Depeche Mode, The Cocteau Twins, UB40, The Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Live, Stained, Kenny Wayne Shepard Band, Fine Young Cannibals, Midnight Oil, and individuals, like: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tracy Chapman, Sinead O'Connor, Peter Murphy, etc. ::...




(Scott Stapp--lead singer)

...::Since the millennium, there aren't as many new musicians that appeal to me. I don't like rap or hip hop music that much, but I have always liked classical music, and I still buy music from older favorites. I have also always liked music from plays and movies, so I still listen to music from soundtracks, but regarding some of the newest music I have heard I don't always know the name of the group or the individual. My kids like a wide variety of music including Japanese music from anime shows, and I like some of them too. I listened to a new group (to me) that my daughter was listening to named 'System of a Down', an Armenian band, and I liked it. My daughter likes Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Disturbed, Arctic Sonata, as well as several others. I like some Nickleback, Audioslave, and some others I have heard recently on YouTube. Actually, most of the new music I have heard is from my kids listening to music on YouTube or even soundtracks from video games. I guess I will keep buying new releases from my old favorites while I am finding out more about some new ones.

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Everyone should enjoy listening to some kind of music; I think it helps you to tune into the "Cosmic Consciousness"--the thoughts of everyone--and the Universe. Happy Listening! :-)


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